Name and Philosophy

The Mitutoyo Name


The Japanese company name Mitutoyo roughly translatable as “abundance of three elements” stands for prudence, bonhomie, and strength, the attitudes so highly esteemed by the company’s founder, Mr Yehan Numata.


These central concepts of Yehan Numata’s thinking were complemented by aspects of Western philosophy he encountered while studying business sciences in the USA.


According to Yehan Numata, son of an esteemed Japanese temple priest, human beings should possess three specific qualities: sensibility, good-naturedness, and strength. Sensibility he interpreted as the capacity for accurate observation, good-naturedness as compassion and benevolence towards your next while strength was necessary to fulfill correctly identified requirements effectively.


These three indispensable human traits were also established as basics for his business philosophy converted into readiness for innovation, general fairness, and orientation towards the future - three virtues crucial for doing good as a human being and achieving success in business.


The number three, in Japanese, pronounced “Mitu” or “Mitsu” is of importance in Japanese culture and religion, for example with regards to the enumeration of religious elements. This also explains why quite a few company names include the syllables “Mitu” – just like in the name.




The Mitutoyo Spirit


To become a complete man, one must acquire wisdom, benevolence, and valor. With wisdom only, one tends to be cold. Benevolence alone makes one weaker. With valor only, one may reach beyond his capabilities. However, when the three qualities are combined, one will become a complete man. Similarly, success in enterprise lies in the knowledge of Heaven, Earth, and Man. The business will succeed only when these factors, "heaven-sent" chances, natural opportunities, and harmony of man are present. Without even one factor, success is remote. In Buddhism, Butsa (Buddha), Po (doctrine) and So (Priest) are three principal treasures for its promotion of teaching. In Christianity, God, Bible, and Minister.


The word MITUTOYO signifies three abundances. "Mitsu" (みつ) means three, while "Toyo" (とよ) stands for states of abundance. The name MITUTOYO was selected, with a sincere wish to see more complete men, to create a prosperous enterprise, and to introduce righteous religion to all, along with the lasting wish for a peaceful world and fulfillment of meaningful life. (Yehan Numata)


Good environment, good people, good technique - this has been Mitutoyo's company motto since 1934. Mitutoyo regards it as their task to support society by producing high-precision measuring instruments and fostering the progress of quality. The company slogan "Mitutoyo - precision is our profession" expresses the firm's very high demand for employees and products. Their performance has to meet the highest standards because Mitutoyo wishes to ensure precision in all fields of industry. This is the premium manufacturer's way to contribute to our global society's prosperity. Mitutoyo will continue its endeavor to foster precision measurement techniques to support the customers in their production processes and to strengthen their market position.

The Mitutoyo Philosophy


The Mitutoyo Corporate Philosophy is essentially the perpetual core values that our organization and employees shall uphold. It unites all the Mitutoyo Companies and their employees throughout the world in a common understanding and commitment.


Our founding Spirit

  • To contribute to people’s welfare through the support of the advancement of Buddhist understanding.
  • To see that Mitutoyo excels in its field of expertise and in its business conduct throughout the world.


Our Management Principles

  • To contribute to the well-being of society through precision measurement technologies.
  • We shall conduct our business based on the following values:

1. Provide solution engineering to support our client's business development.


2. Contribute globally to the advancement of industrial measurement capability.


3. Cultivate healthy relationships and common prosperity with trading partners.


4. Support and promote global peace, human happiness, and harmony with the environment.


5. Apply business practices that reflect the integrity of Mitutoyo and our world-leading brand.


6. Nurture a vibrant corporate culture that inspires a passion in our personnel to do their best; to be the best.



Our Corporate Motto


"Good Environment, good people, good technique"


Our Guiding Precepts


"Sincerity, thoughtfulness, determined spirit"



Our founder's wish is expressed in the foundation of our Company.



The company's mission and basic management objectives.



The company's basic policy of management.



A guide for implementing "Our Management Principles".



Rules of conduct to support our corporate ethics.

Ethical Conduct Code


The Mitutoyo Group's Ethical Conduct Code sets forth ethical criteria of judgment and conducts that all executives and employees at the Mitutoyo Group must observe in every aspect of corporate activities. We at the Mitutoyo Group will conduct ourselves in a manner that complies with the Ethical Conduct Code and choose the ethical way without exception whenever a business decision involves a conflict between profit and ethics.



EKO House of Japanese Culture



An important key to understanding Mitutoyo's company philosophy is the EKO house donated by company founder Yehan Numata. It is a place to make the acquaintance of the essential elements of Japanese culture directly: buildings and gardens, culture and religions.


A Buddhist temple and the beautiful ambiance of the gardens in Japanese style form the center point of the EKO House of Japanese Culture in Düsseldorf-Niederkasse near the European Mitutoyo headquarters. Affiliated to the temple are exhibition and seminar rooms where various courses for concerts, films, readings, and especially Japanese dances or "Ikebana" are performed.


The EKO-house is also a place for meetings between the Far East and the West.